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Erlikospyx should NOT have a revenge move! (Part-3)

Part 1: Indoraptor should have a revenge move!
Part 2: Diloracheirus should have a revenge move! (Part-2)

Now Part 3 is the last part for now, but Indominus also has a revenge when it’s counterparts don’t even have a revenge. Well, Indominus is a special type of dino, c’mon you should know! He is the star of Jurassic World. So why wouldn’t you give it a revenge move? Also, (Don’t see this if you didn’t watch Camp Cretaceous): I really think Scorpius Rex (E750) is a hybrid, and pretend it came into the game and it’s counterparts didn’t have a revenge move. Would you give it a revenge move because it’s a star for a series? I would, that’s how I think of Indominus.

Now onto the topic, Spyx should not have a revenge, it’s too OP in my opinion. Counterparts don’t have revenge. It can two-shot any dino in the game on revenge. (Without armor, at level 26, shield, invincible etc.) And I don’t understand why Distracting Impact has a cooldown of 2 and while Revenge Distracting Impact has a cooldown of 1. So, what are your thoughts? I think he should have a bleed or… Fine, I will pick Distracting Rampage. It still can kill anyone in two hits. How 'bout you?

  • Most people use Spyx because of the revenge, it should stay the same
  • Lethal Wound
  • Gashing Wound
  • Distracting Impact
  • Distracting Rampage
  • Other (put in comments)

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Wow many voters!

It should stay the same. Spyx is one of the strongest Cunnings out there but it dies to any resilients like Hadro Lux. Revenge Distracting Impact also allows it to shut down Thors easily. Bleed would be pretty nice but I think it’ll honestly be a little over the top since it’ll be able to take down Resilients as well with it. It’s pretty balanced at the moment imo


I have no issue with it having a Revenge mechanic. The only time it ever beats any Resilient, after all, is when the Resilient is already in a bad way, and Revenge Distracting Impact just makes Spyx an absolute terror for Thor and every other Fierce (except for Mortem really).


Indom shouldn’t have a revenge move just cuz it’s in the movie, it has it cuz it’s a nice mechanic and helps with overboosted thors

Same case with spyx. And spyx is completly fine it’s dead next to 100% of the time if it’s slow

The problem here is Ludia made a really good build (and a balanced one too) that perfectly fills a spot in a lot of people’s teams by going almost completely against all logic based on ingredients.
Ludia rarely gets this stuff right, so I’d rather stick with Spyx being what it is now than risk jeopardising that just for the sake of consistency.


It kills ardentis on revenge cuz it distracts and max cleanses then max rampages and spyx pounces max dead it can also knock gemini down to 1000 hp these are two of the best resilients that most fierce can’t even kill without boosts oh and it kills tryko and it’s got speed up strike and precise rampage (3000 damage) and immunity to distraction to kill every cunning I don’t think it should be hard nerfed but it’s components have low damage 1000 and 1350 so it could be lower I mean it’s got more 2 turn damage than thor fierce would still die just as good and it stops killing stuff it shouldn’t

There is nothing wrong with Erlikospyx. It’s probably one of the best balanced creatures in the game. I don’t know what your Tryke looks like it it is losing to it but it shouldn’t if they are on even ground.


Meanwhile, almost every resilient (not resilient-fierce) reliably beats it, idk why anyone would want to nerf a creature that clearly isn’t OP


Man, people really don’t want cunning to be good do they? It’s fine, if you find Spyx OP you seriously need to improve and re-evaluate your team. Glad to see the accompanying poll completely shuts down this post, lol.

I’ve never lost with my Maxima one on one. Just Resilient on turn 1 and then use Decelerating Rampage and then use Rampage. Its quite easy to beat. My Grypo takes it out pretty easy too.


Max uses resilient then rampage and dies spyx does 6000 damage in 2 turns grypo also dies on equal levels

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I have a different experience than you then. Resilient slows down Spyx and I can do over 6000 damage with Resilient then Rampage. Spyx is dead. My Grypo puts up shield and has almost 7000hp and Spyx can’t escape. Sorry, but i don’t lose to Spyx with Grypo and my Grypo is only level 28


Sure just like how I can beat spyx with a T-rex If it’s leveled and boosted enough but equally leveled and boosted spyx wins

All I face are max boosted Spyx and still win with Grypo and automatic win with Maxima. Matchups are all the same on the beach.

Equal lvl unboosted Spyx loses to Max. Without revenge can’t kill Max without crit. If Spyx come in on revenge, then Max has Invincibility ready, as killed previous creature. So IIT into RDI, Strike then Decel. Rampage and Rampage, dead Spyx. This matchup is all about predictions and crits.

Imo it would be great to see spyx inheriting ANY of spinonyx’s abilities, they have pretty much nothing in common, I want it to have lethal wound again, making it a cunning fierce. Here is my suggested rework:
(it got a stat nerf, but has a move buff, I was tempted to keep its 4200 health, might be too strong)
However, this build would not be as good against nitro thors, and we must have some more powerful hard counters for nitro thors (especially the overleveled ones), so I would suggest giving cunnings like magna a health buff, smilo a damage buff, utarinex a health buff, giving pho a superhybrid with normal RnR, give dilorach a move buff (2x damage move), an alloraptor superhybrid with higher health(than alloraptor), and remove thor’s DoT resistance which buff spinoconstrictor, and also giving spinoconstricor a better on escape move, give indoraptor pounce/ any distracting move with 1.5x/2x attack

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Spyx doesn’t need any changes. Yes I do miss when Spyx had its bleed move, but right now I’m glad it doesn’t because for Thor it’s an amazing counter and has 50% Resistance to bleed. So I’m glad Spyx became a fully Cunning Dino Rather than a bleeder. She’s Balanced


maybe keep its revenge but different
Revenge speedup strike
MInimal speedup strike but on revenge it speeds up 20%

and the RDI could be replaced by Lethal wound

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nah, spyx is fine though i liked old spyx this new spyx is also great

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Okay. What about other resilients? Dio? Hadro Lux? It kills Tryko because it’s Fierce Resilient. So what if it has MSS? Erlidom has MSS as well, and can cloak, and has Decel resistance, and is immune to distraction. Both of them have the same damage. Is Erlidom better than Spyx? Should it also be nerfed down? Also, the class system is more of a guideline, instead of a requirement like ‘this creature must lose to [Resilient]’. In that case, a whole lot of creatures would be nerfed.