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Erlikospyx—the perfect Spinosuchus replacement?

129 speed with bleed. It’s also a unique so at the same level it’s equally fast as Erlidominus and green chicken. Very looking forward to this beast!image


I can’t wait to get this. My Spino g2 is already level 14 and baryonx g2 is 15. It could take a long time to get Spinoynx to level 20, but I’’m really looking forward to unlocking this creature


I hope it looks cool and colorful Not like erlidom that looks bland and boring

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This is the first one I’m working on. Looks like it could be amazing. Also with instant distraction it’s a much faster suchotator. With rampages (I think)

Spino G2 at 15, with 5,294 spare DNA, Baryonix G2 at 15, with 10,596 spare DNA, and Erli G2 at 20, with 6,160 spare DNA! All set to go!

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How did you all manage to collect that much DNA? Play nearly since and of May and are nowhere near the needed DNA to push erlik to 20. Just hope to unlock the spinonyx

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Erik gen 2 has been zone 2 for a while. Probably why some people have a lot of it


Should the Erl G2 be at level 20 to start fuse?

Can anyone confirm…?

Yeah to create a unique the components need to be leve 20

Thanks mate.

Now on lvl 20.

13.000 dna left.

But Hey… 500 every fuse??


Erli G2 is quite common in L2, where I hunt… And have been playing the game since June last year…

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Thought it was 128 speed? since they said it was same speed as erliko gen 2, which is 128. This speed being 1 point lower might be all the reason its not as great as initially thought?

Erliko g2 speed got buffed to 129 :wink:


They did some slight buff on Erliko Gen2

Speed+1, skill buff

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Yeah I always want to use Erlik Gen 2 because I think Debilitating Distraction is very useful. With the buffs it got I think itself alone is even somewhat useful.


oh i see, ty

Doesn’t look a much better upgrade to me. No armor piercing ability. Can’t beat rinex nor green chicken. Can’t beat tenotorex. And certainly can’t beat tank. Can’t hit&run, it needs a SIA teammate to clean up the mess for it. But bleeders are always the rat’s best friends. :man_shrugging:


hey guys, which creatures in game have deblitating strike?

L2 will be good if erliko2 doesn’t move but most likely will

Erlikosaurus Gen 2 has debiliating strike (distraction)

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