Erlikospyx vs Procerathomimus

Please explain:


Dmg: 1600 after the patch
HP: 3150 after the patch
Speed: 131
passiv effects: Immunity & Swap In Nullification


Dmg: 1500
Speed: 129
passiv effects: nothing

Why is a epic dino better than a unique dino?
Why a Procerathomimus (lvl 26) can kill a Erlikospyx (lvl 26) and dont get any dmg from Erlikospyx?


Stats aren’t everything. Erlikospyx could be way better against particular types of opponents, or a wider range than Procerathomimus. Either way, it is the better dino in the current meta.
As for a one-on-one, Erlikospyx can go for minimal speedup strike followed by precise rampage, which would kill Procerathomimus. The only way Procerathomimus would win apart from being lucky with evasive stance is by predicting Erlikospyx’s Rampage, but then it could be argued that Erlikospyx could do the same and save the rampage for after an Instant Distraction. So it does boil down to the skill of the players involved, and a bit of luck. But Procerathomimus takes damage both ways.

minimal spd up strike and precise rampage and yoshi is gone. Distracting rampage is not offered on T1.

Prob is that the most players have Procerathomimus on lvl 27 - lvl 30 and Erlikospyx on lvl 23
If Erlikospyx can’t start he is a oneshoot dino, Procerathomimus has a dodge function.

Sorry i dont know where you see that Erlikospx is better, on lvl 23 you cant use it, to small HP and theres always the problem with a higher lvl Erlidominus or Diloracherius with the same speed.

Sorry Erlikospyx is totally underrated like Petrovexus and Stigidarex

You used level 26 unboosted stats as the basis for your argument, so those stats are what I factored in for your 1v1 matchup. Procerathomimus does have evasive stance, like I said, but precise rampage hits through evasion, meaning Procerathomimus would take damage whether it used Evasive stance or not, as long as Erlikospyx made the logical choice of opening with MSS.
As for an uneven matchup, those are irrelevant when it comes to which dino is strongest in general, as opposed to one unfortunate matchup. The general ranking of a dinosaur based on strength does not depend on what level you have it at.
I say Erlikospyx is better not out of experience, but based on the fact that Metahub lists it as a Tyrant. As for it being underrated, if you mean people don’t use/talk about it as much it’s probably because they’ve already invested too many boosts and levels into other Tyrants to begin working on a new one, especially when its ingredients are relatively hard to get.
And yes, it is true that Erlikospyx can now be one-shot KO’d by a Procerathomimus with a Rampage ready, but that doesn’t necessarily make it the better dinosaur. I suppose we’ll have to wait for 1.8 to see which one prevails.

You are very correct. Even if procera goes ID turn 1. Spy does 150 damage. Plus 3k turn 2. 3150.


Spyx does actually exactly beat Procera like Idgt said.

Still working through all the scenarios. But it is possible for procera to beat spy. If procera goes evasive-ID-Null strike then DR. Still need to determine the hits through evasive tho

I think it would come down to mind games. If the procera does id t2 spyx can just mss again, but they’d have to have predicted the id. If the procera doesn’t do id t2 after evasive then it loses. It would come down to whether or not the spyx uses pr t2.

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Just becuz one on one, proceratho sometimes wins, does not make it better. Spyx has a much better moveset, and it can even bleed tanks to death and do big damage through cloak and evasive. Plus it has a much turn one damage output, which is very important for finishing something off or one shotting dracoceratops

When will Ludia balance this dino? It’s as much annoying as the rat. So ridiculously unbalanced that with boosts can wipe out your entire team.

All things being equal… Erli is probably better, but the fact is that it’s new enough that very few people have leveled it and boosted it to the point that it can handle the one hitters out there. The Proc is OP in my opinion. It’s OP because of boosts. Hopefully it will be nerfed along with the rat. If Proc was a unique hybrid, that would be different, but it’s easily obtainable, easily to evolve, and when boosted has very few counters. Along with the rat, it’s the ‘gamiest’ creature out there. And it’s now s\becoming more and more commonplace on teams in the library.

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