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Erlikospyx vs. Thylacotator (Post 1.9)

Im well aware that spyx got a big buff in the form of being immune to decel, but thylacotator’s 40% crit combined with lethal wound and rending takedown just look so freaking attractive, and is bulkier, not to mention also being A LOT easier to make

Thyla also got off pretty well because most creatures that gained a type of immunity this patch were either to stun, slow, or distraction. Only a few creature got Immune to DoT, so Thyla is still plenty relevant.

Sucks that Ardentis and Gemini exist. Other than that, Thylacotator wrecks just about everything not named Gemini, Procera, Ardentis, Indoraptor (gen 1) and Magnapyritor

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Spyx easily. Barely even debatable. Loads of utility, great speed, decent damage.

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Gen 2 Indo falls to Thyla too?

Bear in mind i also have Tryko, Magna, Procera, Gemini, and planning to use indoraptor gen 2, so distraction is well covered. I mostly would enjoy a bleeder, and spyx just on to mainly be that bleeder. That and it isnt too invested or highly leveled

Personally, I think it’s whether you want speed or health. They can both do well, but it’s up to what your team needs.

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And my team in general is frail, so i wouldnt mind something bulkier


Spyx is more of a multipurpose swiss army knife than a pure bleeder.

And i like that it can do more stuff as a bonus, but i really just needed a bleeder to fill in for Spinotahsuchus.

Then I guess Thyla is the your perfect choice. I was also thinking about putting him on the team, to replace my Suchotator

Im going to wait before i do so, mainly because id like more views and opinions about Thylacotator before i make my decision

Sounds sensible, going from a Unique to an Epic is a big change, maybe I can lend some help soon, I probably will end up putting Thyla on and replace Sucho. Once I use it enough I can give proper feedback.

Use it against some other uniques or legendaries, then message me the results. Spyx is a tyrant, but if thylacotator is as good as he sounds, then i might be willing to swap it out for something that literally 2-hits everything not immune

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Sounds good.

Why restrict yourself to one playstyle on a dino? Why not go for the better, multipurpose one?

Thyla struggles against distractors, speedsters, and immunes. This is a very poor meta for a pure bleeder to be in, with the power creep of immunes.

Cuz like i said, i only wanted a bleeder spot on the team, and spinotahsuchus was starting to kinda suck, so i used spyx primarily as a bleeder. I already have plenty of stuff thatll rampage or have a rampage variation that bypasses evasion, and plenty of distraction, so spyx may not be necessarily needed, despite it’s merits

Hence why i made this thread. Wanted opinions before i did the change. Havent decided yet, but the feedback is helpful

Especially with this new Immune meta, Distraction moves took a hit while DoT got better.

How does that make any sense? With maxima and Gemini being to new go-to tanks, and Yoshi becoming a problem, bleeders are practically irrelevant. There is very little use for pure bleeders. The reason spyx is still viable is because it does way more than that. If anything, distracting dinos are more prevalent due to thor and tenontorex.