Erlikospyx worth boosting?

I’ve been wondering about this. Mine is only 22, but I have enough speed to get it faster than all but the most boosteroided thors out there, and the debilitating distraction is appealing for that very same reason. I also have enough health to likely make it not be DC bait as soon as it goes out.

That being said… worthy investment? I just don’t know!?


Could be a good rat killer if boosted at the same level as the draco. It doubles as a bleeder too.

I would wait and see what they do with match making in 1.8.
If match making stays the same? Oh yes.
I’m going to swap in lower level Erlikospyx and Dio with boosting to game the system a bit.
(They will be on my team eventually anyway so I don’t see the boosts as wasted)
If they fix matchmaking, I will keep leveling them on the bench till they are ready to replace those that have fallen from grace.

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I think Erlikospyx is a bit overrated. A very solid dinosaur, but I do believe it’s in-line with Magnapyrritor and Indoraptor. Very strong in certain situations, but can be two punched with counters. In other words, it’s not broken, ala Thoradolosaurus, Trykosaurus, Diloracheirus, Erlidominus and Dracoce-Rat-OP-s.

However, if you want to boost not because of it being labeled as whatever tier, but you genuinely find it helpful and strong for your team. By all means, boost it.


I enjoy mine.

Think it could work in a combo-deck.

Distraction with 75%

And then swap-in-bleed…!?

Great in many situations.

Boosted 5/6/5


seems to be a monster. swiss army knife with lethal, speedup, precise rampage and incredible 2-turn 75% distract.

the counters would be erlidominus and magnapyritor?

Anything with superiority strike and high turn 2 damage can kill it

Stegodeus finishes it in two attacks

Anything with SS or a slowing move can beat spy. But usually will trade lives. It wins against most tyrants. Dio tenont and Dilo can beat it. Spy beats magna h2h. And beats erlidom if you win the speed tie. Imo it is top 3 dino in the game.


Ur spy is an abomination :rofl::joy:

Have fallen victim to that thing a few times unfortunately

:rofl: I just love it’s kit. So versatile. Suited for every situation

but dinos not immune like stego and so, if try, could auto sacrifice, isnt it? because of lethal bleed.

or forced to swap out.

almost all bleeding creatures are sacrifice dinos, i think erlikospyx could be only exception because of high damage and much versatility.

maybe health boost could guarantee survive against immunes while 75 distract good for not immunes.

So, with all the above comments in mind, here my next question. I have a L26 magna sitting on the bench. Would my boosts be better spent there?

I really just want something that will put a dent in the stupid op monster boosteroided Thor’s out there.

I would wait till after the update. Who knows what’s to come. Or if other creatures become relevant.

Erlispy can be used in many ways. Kills thor in two turns. Tryko in 3. Whenever I face dilo or Dio I usually bleed. Then swap to a counter attacker once they gain priority. Usually kills it in two turns. Rinex is actually a good matchup vs. spy. It’s a guessing game sort of. I feel spy is different from other bleeders simply because of it’s kit. It has an answer for everything.


I think it is way too low health to be useful. So no to me. Being non-immune is another problem.

Well the 75% distraction helps alot, mine is only lvl 21 so I can’t use it

Love mine, boosted her to compensate for her low level. Oh, how I wish I hadn’t ignored all those rare Erlikos in the past!



Also mine is low level but thinking about boosting it. Movekit is pretty cool, has answer to everything. The fact is that i already run the other two 129 chicken-unique (dilo&erli) and don’t know if it could be too redundant put an other one in team. But sooo tempted (wish they used a spino model for erlik btw😂)

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Mine is still not unlocked. I have enough Spino G2 and Erliko G2, but not enough Bary G2.