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Erlikospyx worth it?

I am working toward the Erlikospyx, and literally only see Baryonyx Gen2 when its featured under the green caches, and want to know if it’s worth having? It’s unlikely I’ll get the DNA required to create it let alone level it up. The rest of my team are levels 26 to 29, with four 29s. So should I even bother with Erlikospyx? Thanks.

That’s the problem with it; Bary2 is locked in as arena only so it’s going to be tough to level to team strength. But, maybe it’ll be easier now with sanctuaries??

I have it on level 21 and it is not worth it for me but it will be Amazing at around level 25-26 and boosted. It will be a long time until we get it on those levels though

JWA is a marathon based game, so its designed to keep you playing longer. Also once something is finally unlocked and/or levelled to team level its very satisfying, if we got it instantly there would be less enjoyment from it.

That being said I totally understand how frustrating it is to not be able to get or level something. This is coming from someone who literally just unlocked Tryko on 1.8 patch launch. But the wait made it feel extremely rewarding!


Get all 18 Bary either way, you’ll regret not getting them.


Spy’s precise rampage was the reason I had started leveling it to take on Indos and Erlidoms.
It’s no longer needed and I abandoned my plans.
That being said, ALWAYS go for the exclusive DNA.
You never know if or when they will tinker with dinos.

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Done my first 3 fuses on Erlispyx tonight, got 40, 10, 20.

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Love this dino currently level 25 be at 26-27 by end of day at tier 5-6. Low health is disappointing but still love it for battles.

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I’m really on the fence about it. I can level it to probably 26-27 by the end of week and have plenty of boosts I’ve been saving but his health is so low now…also debating on this vs ardentismaxima and the tany unique to replace Indo.

My deciding factor to abandon it was the fact that it’s a speed dino which will require speed boosts to be viable.
I decided any new dino I added to my team would be a slowski that won’t need them.
In theory all the speed boosts will go to my speed dinos without sharing with new members, and the new members will only need 2 out of 3 boost categories to be relevant.

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Thanks all for the responses, I’ll stay the course but keep my expectations low lol

Is there any other way to play the game? :wink:

That thing will not disappoint, pal. It can be a bleeder, a distracter (glares at thor), and even a revenge killer, as well as being able to break speed ties with minimal speed up strike. Gamepress (formerly metahub) has it at Tyrant tier

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If you can’t run it at 1-2 levels below team level at the very least, don’t bother. It’s pretty hard to level. Although if you can, it’s definitely worth it. Mine is level 24 on a team of 23-26 dinos, and it’s a menace. Super versatile kit.


It’s a nice dino but you need to have tier 10 in health boosts and a higher level than the opponents rat… Since this dino is harder to level than a rat. Meh it’s not the best thing it’s one shot rat bait

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Health is low, but one of her move reduces to (not “by”, but “to”) 0.25 your opponent’s attack for 2 rounds, meaning you have virtually 4 times your health as long as you’re sure to hit first.

So first move here is boosting her speed. In that moment, you’re in a good place. In my team she’s level 23, and she replaced a 24th lvl Magna crippled by 1.8.

But you really need to have at least a couple of levels advanced and a boosted speed.

interesting discussion…

i past last year to unlock magna this week and guess what: it’s useless now. thanks to ludia 1.8 nerf, and… … …BOOSTS. too hard to level up, and at lvl 21 it doesn’t worth even boost it. weaker than my weakest.

now that i am 110/250 to unlock erlikospyx, it seems it has the same problem: i will unlock and will be useless.

my plan was drop indoraptor to place magna and drop suchotator to place spy.

well… indo was nerfed, magna was nerfed and monostegotops buffed. guess what? i dropped indoraptor and placed monostego instead of magna. mono at 20 is making me happier than magna at 21.

and suchotator is now lvl 23 tier 5 boost. erlikospyx at 21 seems is gonna be a fresh beef to replace tator too.