Erlikospyx's move set

I like that dino but I think it’s not as strong as it should be. Why didn’t it inherit Definite Rampage from Spinonyx? That would be a lot more useful.

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I suppose for balance, to have that ability would have been very powerful

It doesn’t have any priority moves and it’s not immune like Erlidom. I find that its precise rampage is irrelevant as people don’t use cloak/evasive that much now because it was nerfed.

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but at the same time it has a lethal wound and a damage reduction, which improves its performance enough, the Ultimate Destruction would make it too strong.

although, on the other hand, it would not be bad if they gave Erlikospyx the instant rampage ability and more life, so it would become a counter of Dracoceratops


When I unlocked Spyx and seen it didnt have that Rending bae attack I was a little disappointed because I like the idea of those rending ones, which would be handy against something with high health but immune to bleeds.

Never been a fan of the MSS.

It does ok against Thor though, just distract it and then put on a bleed. If Thor does not swap out and goes for the kill it will be trading its life for the Spyx…and since most players are pumping many boosts into Thor that will be hitting their team hard.
Like when you put a bleed on one of those 143 speed Thors and they rage quit when it dies because their whole team suffered due to lack of boosts, and now their silver bullet is down.


I was very surprised Ludia didn’t give a rending counter attack to Erlikospyx. It seems like other unique dinos inherited the best moves from their parents but not this one. It’s too weak to survive more than 2 turns as many dinos can cleanse distraction, slow it (as any raptors) or use shields.

I agree with all these comments. It is an effective dinosaur; however, the health issue is a concern. This dinosaur either needs rendering ability or be given higher health.

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Yeah It should have a bit more health

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Precise rampage is high turn 1 damage, i agree that with distract It could have definitive rampage for turn 2. Not sure It would be better than It is now. Though It surely could have a bit more health.

Erlidom also has Rampage available with no delay and with cloaking it can make a massive damage. I really think Spinonyx seems better, even without distraction.


Sorry Spinonyx. :slight_smile: I wouldn’t trade Precise Rampage for Definite Rampage with 1 turn delay but it’s a low HP dino like any other raptors so it shouldn’t have any delay with this attack.


Yeah that’s what i thought too :slight_smile: