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Erlikovalophus and Devious icon Redesign

A Slashing Parrot

Erlikosaurus + Ovilophosaurus

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DEVIOUS ATTACK icon Redesign.

Devious Strike, Impact and Rampage respectively:



I actually really like this idea! and I love the art! as long as this hybrid retains its ovi animation I’m happy!

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I love the design its so good! Great job! Ovilophosaurus is my third favorite creature in jwa but if they added this it would take that spot. (First and second are hadros lux and para lux and that will never change)


Very creative! The art looks amazing! The only thing is why does the Devious Impact icon take up the whole thing, but the strike and rampage don’t? Don’t get me wrong, I love your redesigns, they look very professional! It’s just always something that’s bugged me about certain attacks in the game. Like how Nullifying Impact is red and uses the full icon while Nullifying Strike and Rampage are white and don’t (in which case I think the Impact should be changed to match) or distracting impact being red while the Strike and rampage are white (in which case I think they should all be red to match the impact; that way you can distinguish between “distracting strike” and “distraction” easier, and the current distracting rampage icon could be given to High/Precise Pounce to distinguish it from Rampage).

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Cool Hybrid

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Super hybride !

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How do you do that post like the notes with like the tads and stuff

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use [ instead of (

Any Cap

We’re is all of that stuff

It’s just the [ button ok your keyboard

I see the button but what does it do

I think if you replace the ( with [ in the text @Mohammed_Johnson posted, it let’s you do tabs and stuff like you were asking about.

This text (which you can just type out/copy, or find in the “Hide Details” option when you click on the gear in the upper right of the text box):

(Details=“Tab Name”)
Example Text

When you replace all the ( with [ gives:

Tab Name

Example Text