Since we can now fuse apexs,this hybrid might be useful in the current meta

Ingredients:indoraptor gen 2 and erlidominus

Stats:3550 health,1720 attack,129 speed,third percent crit

Moves:group cautious strike

Mutual fury/ready to crush

Precise skirmish
Target all opponents,remove dodge and shield.bypass armour

Revenge taunting cloak
2x damage for the next 2 attacks,lasting one turn
Cool-down 3
3x damage for the next 2 attacks lasting one turn
Cool-down 1
Precise shattering counter:target after taking damage and surviving,dead 1720 attack
On-escape healing rampage:break shield,heal 1.5x attack and prevent swap
Forgot resistances:immune to distraction.stun,dot,swap prevent and speed drecrease,75% to rend and vulnerable,67% for taunt and 100% for crit reduction

This would need a lot of changes if it was to be an actual creature

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So, its basically a nightmare for flocks!

-_- You just gave them a dinosaur that would negate every flock that people have, are working towards, or have bought. We complain about powercreeps and you suggest a super saiyan powercreep. If they do this then all the people I see in sanctuaries that are FIP-ing the Solitaire will have no reason to go on and they’ll have wasted a ton of resources on a flock.

Plus this will most likely be something that all the cash whales buy so it’d be a nightmare for anyone who won’t spend money on it

True,but tarbo flock counters it since elriraptor doesn’t have a lot of health

Tarbo flock can’t do anything.

You made an even more broken last update indotaurus with a speed increase, a dodging group attack, a cloak with a 1x precise damage counter, a precise group attack with 2x damage and a damage reductions. Plus tarbo is (well was but it’s broken swap in prevents it) a dinosaur that’s meant to be swapped out at some point which gives this monstrosity a heal and an attack and a prevent swap (which the tarbo flock has no resistance against).

This monstrosity genuinely has no counter. It’s immune to literally every would be counter ability. You gave 100% resistances on all but three of the resistance types and even then those resistances have high percentages at 75%, 75% and 67%. It’s counter paired with the cloak will destroy anything. and if it doesn’t they’ll die as soon as you hit them next round. You can’t rely on flocks since its specialty is destroying flocks.

You have made the ultimate powercreep and you were proud enough to post it here.

It can’t have a speed decrease immunity and a distraction immunity. No Dino in the game has that for obvious reasons. It’s one of the other. Also Indoraptor Gen 2 is already a super hybrid so that’s a super hybrid with another super hybrid. Maybe indo gen 2 and Elikosaurus would work. Overall we need less op creatures and to bring the ones we have up to the same level as the other top tier creatures.

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I think Cervalces actually has both distract and speed decrease immunity, but Cervalces is at least balanced unlike this.

It’s meant to counter flocks,hydra boa can counter it because of its priority moves

Hydra doesn’t counter it because both his priorities don’t do 3550 damage. And your monstrosity has a 1720 precise counter, is immune to dot and can force hydra to use his weak priority twice by faking him out with the cloak on the first move.

Jut because something has a priority doesn’t make this monstrosity any less broken. Plus he’s faster than hydra so hydra can’t even rely on half of his moves. As I said this genuinely has no counter. And you made the ultimate powercreep.

Hydra boa has alert coil,increasing its attack,if u were smart what u would do is go for precise impact,then fabled fangs

Even if you are smart about it you still lose either 1462, 1828, 2924, or 3655 health off of counters alone. Plus if they use cloak on the second round there’s no guarantee you kill them. So it’ll be one of the first two numbers with one of the last two plus one of the attacks from rounds 1. Which will definitely kill the hydra.

When the creator’s own recommended counter isn’t a guarantee counter you know it’s a broken creature. It’s so broken it somehow transcends being broken and goes into a whole other level of being unjust

It has no amour,so boa can kill it with 2 hits,precise impact damage after alert coil is 2130,so 4260 considering fabled fangs is precise,cloak wouldn’t work

What are you on? First you say tarbo can counter it, then you say hydra is a counter because of it has priority moves, and now you’re saying fabled fangs is precise? Fabled fangs isn’t precise. It’s a dot attack that does not have precise attack. So you’d either have to start with fabled or pray the 25% chance that cloak doesn’t come with dodge occurs.

The hydraboa isn’t a counter it’s just a creature that somehow doesn’t get one shotted by this monster. It’s neutral, it’s not a counter and it’s not what the erliraptor is supposed to be countering

Even your reasoning on why it’s not broken is flawed.

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Fair enough,I thought fabled fangs was precise,but it isn’t,but instan nullifying can still kill erliraptor.

My version, need any changes?

  • It’s Cool
  • It’s Perfect
  • Buff it
  • Nerf it
  • I don’t like it
  • I absolutely hate it

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I also thought FF is precise, since it has red dot over the attack symbol.

I like it,but I want it as a counter to flocks,so mayebe a group cautious strike?plus a revenge shattering rampage,with revenge it targets all opponents and has no delay

Also can u add a counter?