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Erm guys .... I LIKE the new weekly schedule

We’ve had a few weeks with the new schedule and against the flow of popular opinion I have concluded I LIKE it … there, I said it.

I collected my 18 Parasaurolophus Monday/Tuesday and I have just collected my 12 Tenontosaurus - nothing unusual there, I usually collect what I want, but … I did in on foot walking to and from the office, walking the dog and the odd excursion to go dart an epic. The drops (at least in my location) have been plentiful and well spaced out and because there are only two to choose from I have found enough of what I wanted. Granted some weeks the selection will be meh, but I trust in Ludia to make decent selections (ok - even I laughed at that one a little) - but hey, a quiet week to concentrate on life.

This is in stark contrast to stressing out and driving round desparately trying to find 48 of what I want previously; ah - but you didn’t have to do that I hear you say - yes I did, my OCD and competitive nature wouldn’t have it any other way.

Strike towers have been plentiful enough for me.

My one gripe is the empty day - please Ludia let ME choose if I want to have a day off and which day I want it to be; Just extend a two day hunt to three - you don’t even have to add an additional creature. Besides - the map just doesn’t look right without green drops - and I like maxing them too - which is easier with the new distribution.

I realise not everyone is looking for the same and different locations have different distributions but for me, less is actually more - this week has been more fun, less grind. More game, less chore.

Also (again for me at least) spawns have been way up this past week or so, epics, rare and commons galore.

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“My one gripe is the empty day - please Ludia let ME choose if I want to have a day off and which day I want it to be”
That’s the thing though, the new schedule is a subset of the old one. Everything you could previously get, you can get it now, too. But the opposite is not correct.
The only potential benefits revolve around cases like yours. Where addiction and obsession sucks the fun out of the game, but still fuels it.

Also can’t complain about spawns ( maybe also because I walk a lot) but hey, good weather has arrived.
Schedule is not that bad only thing I’m not a big fan of is the empty days, But if that is the only thing I can’t really complain.
There is still a lot to do this event already had 2 epic strike towers and I think we have two more this week.

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That sums it up nicely - and I am sure I am not alone. As I said this is my opinion - I don’t expect everyone (or even anyone) to concur :slight_smile:

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I’m with you, bro, all the way… But I am currently investing less and less time in the game… I don’t hunt any more, cause my team is near to getting capped and I rarely come across the ingredients I need, so I wait for special events… Spawn mechanics could definitely use an overhaul!

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I think they have added more green suply drops aswell last week i had 7 epics around me where i normaly have 2 maybe 3 if i am realy lucky i get 4

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It’s way more relaxed and I can get more done outside of the game… But it’s too relaxed.
Better than getting 36 dinos in 24 hours though.
Everything got thrown to the wayside for that.
I’ll take too relaxed over trashed house.

It sux. Plain and simple it sux

I just wish there were no off days, with nothing… also ludia dont pull that thing where u give us an unique in the event schedule and then take it away a day later… i would much prefer not having it in the first place to that