Erratic and unstable map positioning

As of late I have been experience a lot of erratic positioning on the map. It goes from where I am at, to a blank area without any activity, and then finally in the middle of a road. After all that is done, everything disappears on the map. Please fix


Hey SicilianBeast, could you try toggling the GPS setting on your device off and back on and see if that fixes the issue?

Our FAQ here also has some GPS troubleshooting steps as well, depending on your device:

I will try to toggle GPS off and on

Still does it after I toggle it off and then on. I have even restarted the game multiple times.

It’s likely that the issue could be caused by a weak GPS connection around the area, SicilianBeast. However, please do not hesitate to contact our support team here at, and our team could take a closer look. :slight_smile:

Please remember to include your support key and device information in your email as well.


i hate when my map goes 50 feet away from my actual place

Everytime it does it to me I immediately think that I will be accused of spoofing and would be banned.

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Lol, if I’m at work and open up my game without connecting to the wifi, the game puts me in some location that I can’t even figure out where it is! And it doesn’t always put me in the same place. I’ve been in an open field, some remote neighborhood, a location I could recognize thats about 1 mile away, along with other strange places. Today it was more eradic than usual tho.

This started happening to me about a month ago.
At first I thought it was because my phone was old, but my wifes phone was doing it too.
I mailed customer support and they had me try a lot of things.
Nothing really works.
For reasons I can’t pinpoint, the entire west side Savannah area simply has weak GPS signal as of late.
The worst is when it fixes me 50 feet from the road and stays there. All the SD’s are on the road so it’s like 15 min till it fixes itself and I can get full SD spins again.
One thing I have noticed is when I turn on the wifi hotspot the host phone REALLY drifts while the piggy backed device is fine.
EDIT: It also seems to do it with Pogo.
Something just seems to be disrupting or causing weak GPS for me.

This happens on my wife’s phones, but mine and our sons is fine. If I play on her phone I have to be mindful especially if I have a scent going. Dinos could spawn and then the phone teleports her circle a great distance away causing me to lose the spawns.

I’ve noticed while I’m on foot on her phone if I stay in one position to long it will teleport. If I start walking again it will correct itself. If I’m in a car, forget it. It teleports constantly.

Never had the issue til the last update. Come to think of it that is when it became impossible to dart and spin supply drops being a passenger too bc of the stops and dinos kicking you out…

My workplace is a giant metal box (warehouse converted to retail space) and in the staff area the GPS goes crazy and I often end up on maps that resemble nowhere, anywhere near where I am.