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Error 10010

Its says i error 10010 when i try to join my guest acount

This is for reporting bugs only, if you are having trouble making a purchase or need help recovering your account please post in Help & Support here.

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Bug Description: i cannpt log in my guest account where i have all my process so how do i get it qnd it says error 10010

How often does it happen:everytime

What type of device are you using:android

Hello Commander_Miguel, I’m sorry to hear about this. If you haven’t already, please reach out to our support team at so they can take a closer look and help you. Don’t forget to include your support key and device information as it can help them locate your account faster in our system. Thank you.

A cannot send a email so can you moved my process from my guest acount to google play or help me log in into my guest acount remember its says error 10010

Please help me i love the game and wish ti keep still playing it

Hey Commander_Miguel, sadly, you’ll need to reach out to our support team for issues regarding account transfers/recoveries.

If you haven’t already, could you please try restarting your device and then relaunching the game and see if the same error appears? Also, may I ask if you have your location/GPS on your device enabled?

I alredy try but cannot send emails your support team because i don`t know how

And also try restating the diviced but didn`t even work

Can you teach me how to do it

From android

Started couple hours ago, disconnected from battle later from the game too.
I tried opening it but it ask log in method(unusual) i choose google play, but it keeps disconnecting

Hi Bayolll, sorry to hear that you’re getting this error message and are unable to get into the game. In order for us to help, please could you reach out to our support team at It would help them find your account faster if you could include your support key in the email. Thanks!

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Fynally someone understands my pain and sufferment

Can you repair the bug in a update

Can you teach me how to senda emial in android

For me I could not play since fab so I gave up and restarted

It’s been a day since i send a report, if my game is still not connected, i’m going to miss on an epic strike and a chance to dart it unique today,and a possibility of getting kicked out of my alliance because of not participating in the tournament. that’s on you Ludia

I sent two email

When do they moved my process

I been sending email and you are not responding so i want you to respond to me