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Error 10029 cannot login

I cannot login for 2days now
I try turn off/turn on my iphone didnt work
I try uninstall and reinstall doesnt work
I already updated my iphone version
I also updated my facebook to latest version still didnt work
I try use wifi and mobile data no difference still didnt work

how can i do now ?

I’m sorry to hear that, Kevin_Han. Please reach out to our support team here at Our team will be sure to try their best in helping you get back into the game ASAP.

Hi Ned this issue just suddenly happened on me.
I tried log out my app store but still didn’t work.
Don’t know what’s happened.
I normally use Facebook to login JWA game. At this stage I don’t know how to do. Need help

thanks ned i will email them

Hi Ned I have emailed about 4 times and haven’t received any help whatsoever. It’s very disheartening to not be able to log into the game when I have spent a lot of time and money being VIP for the game for support to ignore me.

Hey Sabrina_Mann, could you send me a private message of the email you used to contact our support team so I can take a look for you? Thanks!