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Error 10029

Also cannot load game. Deleted the app to try to redownload it and now can’t download the app from the store either.

Same. But mine works, and my hubby’s phone doesn’t. We are both on iphones. But it works on his ipad…?

Appears to be an Apple Game Center issue…

I use an iPad but JWA all of a sudden was re-installing in the middle of my session. Really weird. Never saw that before.

The game works fine on my phone which is a android but it doesn’t work on my iPad

Hey DPG members, I’m sorry to hear about this. Our FAQ here provides steps that could help. If you’re still unable to login, our support team would be glad to provide additional information. Don’t hesitate to send an email to with your device information included in the message. Thank you!

It is always show Internet connection problem but my internet’s perfect

Had the same problem for a day on IPad but upgrading to IOS 14.1 solved it.

Hello, My JWA has the 10029 problem, it’s been days and it just doesn’t work. I tried everything I could think of but it never works. I really want to play but I’m not being able to. My brother also plays this game but his game works perfectly. I need help pls. My internet work but the game doesn’t. What do I do? Do I erase the game and instal again. Help!!!

This evening I can’t access the game via FB with Android devices (3) (code 10029). Access possible with iOS device. Access with Android devices via Google Play working normally.

Hey @Claude, our FAQ here provides steps that may help with Facebook connection problems. If you’re still unable to login via Facebook, our support team would be glad to provide additional troubleshooting. Don’t hesitate to send them an email at Thank you!

@Ned some help here? I have full WiFi and just updated my device

Hello! Sorry if I’m not doing this right, but I’m locked out of the game! I heard that if the new creatures aren’t showing on the map, delete and redownload the game. I did so and now I’m only getting this error. My Wifi is fine, I’m running the most recent iOS, and my brother’s account is working perfectly on his iPad… ! Not sure what else to do, I know the first few letters of the support code but I can’t see them now. I know the Apple game login info though! Please help! :sob::sob: image|281x499

@Ronald Any clue what I should do? I’ve poured a lot of hours and time into it and I can’t really think about losing it all now

Welcome to the forums, @Pov. Kindly check the App store and see if you have installed the latest update of the game. You can also try forgetting the WiFi network on your device then reconnect to it and see if that helps?

If you’re still unable to get in the game, don’t hesitate to contact support with your username included in the message. Thank you!

im facing the same problem as everyone up above, I read all the fixes and even contacted forum support, game support, 3x. So far the fixes haven’t worked, the Support team hasn’t responded, are there any loopholes you guys did? like manage to log in? I have no clue what to do, I spent a lot of my time and effort here.

What’s wrong with the log in? I can’t even log into the game to play at all nor battle or anything since November 14th. I’m on full strength signal and have tried using WiFi and without WiFi and can’t even get the game to come on at all?

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This is for reporting bugs only, if you are having trouble making a purchase or need help recovering your account please post in Help & Support here.

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Bug Description: The game will not load, instead, I am met with thing saying my game cannot connect to the servers

Area is was found in: loading screen

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- Open the game

How often does it happen: every time I open the game since yesterday

What type of device are you using: Iphone 6s

Anything else? (add screenshots or additional information here)
I have tried to use cellular Data, and Wi-Fi, neither works.

Hi, about a month ago the game wasn’t allowing me to play and it keeps on saying “Cannot connect to our servers. Please check your internet connection and try to log in again” and no matter what I do it doesn’t change the out come. Is there any other way I can fix it?

Hey Notryanphillip, could you please email our support team here at Our support team would be more than happy to assist you.