Error 10044?

Es sólo a mi o a más usuarios tambien le está pasando este error???

It’s a connection error. If you’re not on a stable Wi-Fi connection, and on mobile data, this can happen a lot, even with 4G LTE connection at 4-5 bars.

It usually sorts itself out. You just have to either find a stable Wi-Fi spot with high speed broadband, or get to an area where you have very good phone signal.

Sorry if this is in English and you don’t understand. I just didn’t have time to run it through Google translate online before posting. If anyone out there is bilingual, a little translation assistance would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Muchas gracias ya se arregló el juego…
Hacia falta un poco de espera…


Hope the advice helped out. I’m sorry, I don’t speak very much Spanish yet, but I’m working on it. I may need to get the Rosetta Stone language training software for my laptop.

I’m glad you got your game to work. Errors like the infamous 10044 are basically when there’s an interruption in the signal that’s just long enough to stop the app and trigger the message.

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Hello, just two days ago I can not enter the jw alive, and I get the same sign, and I did the above mentioned to find a faster connection and nothing, some other solution?

Same problem here. My wifi is extremely stable and fast, and my roommate can play the game just fine. Only on my iPhone 6 it keeps coming up, also after an uninstall. Unable to play the game now… The game was extremely buggy before this started, a lot of frozen screens…