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Error: 10057


REALLY? “We are doing some maintenance on the game. Thank you for your patience. Error: 10057”
After walking all over the place for the last four hours I finally see an Epic dinosaur and just when I get within 100 feet of it I get logged off and get this message? As I should be happy that you guys might actually finally fixing your platform I am just frustrated with the rarity that Epic dinos show up. They are almost always just out of reach of my drone and by the time I get there they disappear.

For any Ludia monitor…
Ludia if you ever read these messages PLEASE change your radar setup. I would love to have the rare and epic dinosaurs ping on the radar so we don’t walk past them without knowing they are there. I am sure I am not the only one that thinks I must look like an idiot walking half a block, spinning 360 degrees while being glued to my phone screen. :eyes:


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