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Error 10063 - SSL certificate required

Trying to help a friend get back into the game after a hiatus. They have Android 4.42, Samsung Galaxy tablet (not sure which one, but I can find out). Was working before the update.

Now it reads:

An SSL certficiate error occured. Please check your system clock in your Settingd menu and try again.

They’ve checked the settings, and the clock is accurate. Any advice?

Ludia stated here [News] Jurassic World Alive | End of Support for Android 5.0 and Below that Android 5.0 and below would no longer be supported “effective immediately”. See if the tablet is updated to the most recent version of Android for that device. If it can’t get to android 5.1 or above, unfortunately, they won’t be able to play from that device anymore.

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I’ll tell them to do that, thanks.

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