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Error 113

For nearly 24 hours now I have been unable to start a PvP battle. Every time I try, I recurved Error Code 113 and the game restarts. I am however able to start a battle inside the Jarlaxle event.

I have restarted the game innumerable times, restarted my phone several time, uninstalled and reinstalled the game, but nothing has worked and I’m not getting a response from the in game support.

This occurred shortly after signing up for the VIP (not immediately) and I’m inclined to talk to Apple admit a refund because I am no longer able to access one of the most important features of the game.


Same here… Unable since 15 pm

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Same for me, I can’t start PvP battles since two days.
I am also not getting response from the in-game support.

I’m sorry to hear that, SovereignSoul. Are you still getting this error?

It happened to me again this morning. I submitted a ticket on Saturday with my information, 711600 was the number in the auto reply. This is now the third day which means I have missed out on 2 full days of battle chests (3 days if it doesn’t get fixed today) and likely wont get my daily because I cant do 3000 damage with Tommus since I cant run battles. Had no problems running battle prior to the recent update.

Still in effect for me.

@Demander Please email us at . Include in your e-mail your account ID (in game’s options, bottom right), Also add your Forum name, so we know it’s you. Our support team will help you out.

The Error 113 issue has been solved.


Vänliga hälsningar Ove

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@Jon @Ned The issue appears to be resolved for me as well though I never heard back from support. Will those of us affected be compensated for losing 2 to 3 days of battle chests and daily quests?

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I’m happy to hear that the issue is resolved, Jeboleth.

Sadly, I can’t say for certain. If you reach back to our support team once they reply to you, our team could take a closer look.

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i have the same bug i can not Play the héroïque adventure went i try to Play IT Say error 113

IT sad cause of the bug i can not have the New caracter ans the spell bock for free event retry is on and i can use it for less Price for the event

I also keep having error 113 in the Joppa event. I’ve tried rebooting and updating the app to no avail. It worked right at the start as I have won two battles. Weirdly I am able to PvP in the normal way, just not in the event. This is areal shame as I was ready to grind out the battles and use up gems to do so as I want to have Joppa, but seems I won’t have the option…

I won 44 matches… 16 left to go and a spellbook with free retries… and this is all i have gotten for the last 24 hours.

Support was not helpful at all. They replied one time in 48 hours with simplistic troubleshooting steps (none of which worked) and the event ended without it ever resolving and without them replying again. Sigh.