Error 114 Problems *RESOLVED*: forget wifi

RESOLVED: Forgetting and logging back onto my wifi worked no problem! Just thought Id leave this post for people who have the same issue.

I’ve looked around at other posts from a while back. On my Android, I’ve set my time zone to New York and reinstalled several times… evey day for the past week. I don’t know what to do anymore. It gets to 9/27 and then it stops and gives me the Error 114 message. Sometimes it gets to 10/27 and lets me choose between Guest, Google Play and Facebook. If anyone has a solution that I haven’t tried please let me know!

UPDATE 1/28: Apparently I can access the game when I am at school or away from home. It could be a wifi problem. The issue still persists at home as of this time.

It’s possible that your Wifi network at home might be blocking certain incoming connections, @SuSpence26.

You could also try forgetting the WiFi information on your device, and then reconnecting to it. That might help as well.

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Just tried this when I got home. Worked like a charm! Thank you!

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I’m glad to hear that it worked, SuSpence26!