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Error 114 - RESOLVED

Just got the dreaded error 114. Anyone had any luck resolving this or does it entail intervention by Ludia? Ii did everything that the Ludia support staff suggested but nothing. Bit bummed cos I haven’t completed the strike event or gotten the DNA for my 6 T-Rexes. :unamused:

From what I read, 114 is caused by corrupted game data.
Some people say deleting and reinstalling game helped, but not everyone.

Don’t know, might be worth a try.

Oh ok, will give that a shot. The only reason why I haven’t done so is because I am afraid of losing my game data. Thanks for responding!

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Bound your game with Facebook or something and Ludia will restore your save.

Haha I need to get into the game first though. I am hoping that the support key will do just that.

Hey thanks again man. I did as you suggested and it worked. Guess the game data was corrected. Thanks a bunch again - appreciate it much! Happy hunting! :slight_smile:

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How did you get it fixed? How did you bind it with Facebook?

Yes, you basically create a save that way, if something goes wrong with your phone or game it will prompt you that you have different account as soon as you start new game, then you have option to load last save or to start again.

Hi, I’m unable to login (getting error 100 and 114). I have uninstalled the application and reinstalled it but getting the same issue.

Thanks in advance.