Error 200 server timeout

anyone else experiencing this?
I did an uninstall and reinstall, still can’t connect. I obviously have internet connection as I’m posting in this forum.

Yeah I’m experiencing the same thing

Same message here as well

It appears it’s happening across all Ludia games at the moment as several other Ludia games are reporting the same thing.

@Crimson thank you for the info

Also for me is the same

Same here in Denmark

Same in Australia

Server down for anyone else right now?

Says check internet connection error 200

But all my other internet items are working fine, so I assume others are running into this also?

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Im getting the same. My internet is fine and I havereinstalled the app

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Same issue here


same as you

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Same. This is where the Twitter feed would be handy :slight_smile:

Same error

same error

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Same here. No dice!

Looks like all ludia game servers are down.

Same in France…

Same in Korea