Error 233

4 times in a row in pvp “opponent found”. Then error 233, then game has timed out due to inactivity. And no it is not my internet connection.

TO clarify it is never a live player found, it is after I choose to fight bots, then error 233, then timed out, then eternal opponent found… Have to restart the game

I’m having the same issue. PvE content works fine, but can’t fight a PvP battle, or Test of Might. Same thing happens that you described.

Thanks, Ronald. It seems to be working today. Was an issue last night.

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Same exact thing happening to me now. Error 233, then a timeout. Started on and off on PvP for about 30 minutes, and PvE was fine…but now it’s flowed into PvE also, same error. I also now can’t even view the guild page at all. I can log onto the game fine, but no aspect of it is working within it at all.

It seems like brian’s issue resolved itself…so I guess I just won’t play tonight and try tomorrow. Definitely a server-side issue.

Happened to me 5 times In a row Just now.

I’m getting the same issue, doesn’t matter if it’s battle, challenges or the guild raid. So I can’t do anything, essentially.

Same issue here.

The problem self-corrected itself for me when I logged on this morning. A server issue, I’m sure one or more of them just needed a reboot.

Happened again last night. Burned my 1 hr questpass xp book and 2 keys to do the raid for one big Pikel score. :frowning:

Yes I’ve been having this issue on and off for over 3 days now. I’m losing gold that I’m spending to play challenges and losing out on finishing daily quests. This is so frustrating. I’ve already emailed support. No response from an agent at all. Can someone please trouble shoot this and fix it and compensate me for all the gold I’ve lost please??

I’ve had this issue for the last few days too… Its OK for a bit then goes back to the timeout messages on everything. I have failed to complete daily tasks because I can’t do anything. Lost gold… I’ve reported it and done everything suggested… Still not working. If it continues I might as well leave the game.