Error 308 problems

Since friday I cannot login because of error 308. I have reinstalled, used another device, not used wifi. But that does not solve the issue. Any suggestions?

Hey Suroh, may I ask if this error is still appearing in your game? If so, please email our support team at Our support team would be happy to check on this for you. :mag_right:

Thank you!

Hi Ned, I send an email to support last fridat and got a question from Tim about trying a different device and other wifi. I immediatly replied that I already tried both. Have not heard from Tim since. Yesterday at the reset the error went away but is just came back…

I’m sorry to hear that the error had returned, Suroh. :sweat:

If you had already followed up with one of our support team members, they’ll try and get back to you as soon as they get the chance to review your updated message.

The 308 issue just came back since the new events for the weekend were launched. I am afraid I ll be locked out for the weekend again.

I am experiencing the same 308 error and can’t get into the game.

Hey Badger, could you please email your support key to our team at It would really help our team out to gather more information.

Thank you.

Hey Ned, I emailed my support key but haven’t heard back yet other than auto response. I’m still locked out of the game and have been trying all day to get in. I have tried delete/reinstall, other devices, Wi-Fi/LTE and turning my phone off/on again.

Hi there Badger. Our support team will make sure to respond to your email as soon as possible!

I cannot get in the game. Even after the weekend activities are gone. This is Three days now

Same here @Suroh. I have been locked out for 3 days due to 308 error.

Same problem too since yesterday. Sometimes it connects, sometimes not. Some devices works, then they stop and another one work for 1/2 hr or so then stops too. Tried uninstalling, clearing cache, data, everything. Sent more than one mail to support but aside from auto-response i got nothing. @Ned is anyone looking into this? Thanks!

Same here guys

Hey there, Daniele. The Error 308 is being looked into by our team. Our team is currently reviewing the information gathered from players writing in, to try and find a fix for this issue. :wrench:

Hi Ned, I have not heard from the support team since last Thursday. I was able to log in only a few hours on monday. For the rest I keep getting the 308. I am frusted by this problem but even more by the lack of communications about this issue. How difficult is it to give an update one per day…

Hi Ned, I still have not received any news about this error. If Ludia won’t solve it I also like to hear it.

Loads of errors again tonight … game unplayable … told to wait 2 business days for a reply /update. Nothing !!! Totally unacceptable!! Pay for VIP too will have no choice to cancel

Same here, due to Error 308 game is unplayable. Supportkey was sent to

I dropped my VIP membership after a year. This game has way too many glitches to justify spending money on it. Because of error code 308, I can’t access the game on either of my two accounts, which are linked to two separate devices, operating on two different software platforms.

I think the only way the developers will care is if we effect their bottom line. So, to all you VIP members out there: Stop your VIP membership NOW!

This is my 7th day completely locked out of game due to 308 error.