Error 308 when logging

Cannot log into game anymore a lot of my guild getting same error
Uninstalled game rebooted phone nothing works this is cutting into my book farming

Same can’t log in. Maybe they are doing some maintenance. I think the next section of Forestfall Fen was due to start this morning so maybe they are patching it in and :crossed_fingers:fixing a few bugs.

I am also getting the same error message. Just as the last hour to complete the raid and get the extra keys, the game is off line.
Players in my guild are also reporting that as welll

Hi all,
Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Our team is investigating the cause. When I have more info I will share it with you.

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I can t play!!!i try disinstalling and reinstalling the game but not work !!!ludia help meeeee

Ridateci il gioco

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Give us the game back

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I’ve the same problem

Try re logging in Now I just got into the game and got 3 pop ups for the new Forestfall section.

Hi all,
The game is working now, you may need to log in again.


Thank s for the fast resolving

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Can’t loggin either… Best remedy is too delete probably. Doesn’t look like the developers are getting on top of all the bugs.

They resolved this within about 30-40 minutes after it was reported, ironically probably the fastest they’ve ever taken care of any issue. Whatever error you have is likely your own client-side now.

Yep… Had to delete and re install the game (yet again) in order to get connection. Most likely because my files were corrupted when i was booted off mid game earlier.

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I’ve been lucky and haven’t had to do a delete/reinstall yet.