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Error 614


New player, keep getting frozen out of battles. And finally had this message pop up.
Have had over 9 x “update required/restart game” in the last 12h also.

Wondering if this is just me/my partner, or is this widespread?

Both of us are iPhone users. 1x iPhone 7, 1x iPhone 6.


Hey there, RRoudy, I’m sorry to hear that this has been interrupting your experience, but I want to thank you for contacting us! I know how frustrating this can be, but our support team would be glad to help you troubleshoot this and get you back to collecting DNA. Please contact them at, and if you can include your support key in the email that would really help us out.


I have that problem too! Which support key are you talking about?


When you first log into the app, your support key is located at the bottom of the initial loading screen.

Never share your support key on the forum to keep your account safe—only include it in your e-mail to Ludia or their “Contact Us” form (scroll to top of forum>>click “Support”>> click “Contact Us” tab and fill out appropriate info).

Best of luck!