Error buying in game money

I’m having trouble buying in game money for my account because I keep getting this 1 Tap-buy payment when I have full access to my debit card and bank account and I keep getting this message “ERROR” can’t complete transaction. I have full control of my card and everything

Sometimes you have to re-enter the information on your google play account and re-verify it.

I have re-entered everything on my google pay account and nothing

Hey Superman50000, you might have to adjust what your payment method or your payment settings is in your Google Play store account for this issue. If you’re still having a problem, Google’s customer support would be more than happy to help you if you reached out to them.

Sounds like its asking for fingerprint confirmation. Have you save your fingerprint details in your phone?? I’m pretty sure on that screen you can choose to input your google password instead of the 1 tap authorisation

I dont have finger print scan on my phone it should and always have been just buy and I get what I want