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Error Code 10029 - Help!

I’m sorry that the information wasn’t helpful @jvpeters, and I hope our support team will figure out what the problem is and get you back playing the game as soon as possible!

Nothing back from them unfortunately… :frowning:

Sent them everything they asked for.

I’m sorry about the delay, but our team should get back to you soon once they finish their investigation. However, the game is under maintenance at the moment, could you let me know if you’re still having this issue after the maintenance finishes? Thanks!

Update looks interesting Ned, unfortunately the problem persists. Still cannot login with my Google Play account.

I’m sorry you’re still having issues. If our team have not gotten back to you yet, could you message me your support key or the email address you used to contact our support team? You can send me a direct message by clicking on my forum name and then the Message icon on the right.

Nothing from support sadly…

Will message you that info Ned. Hope you can help.

So frustrating - do a any users have an idea on this? I had hoped to play this someplace new for some different dinos, but it’s been over a week that I have not been able to log in and my vacation is now over. Ludia has not helped unfortunately. They asked a lot of questions, but have fixed nothing. Would love to know if someone came up with a fix for this.

The fact that there have been over 5,000 views on this post tells me others have been having the same issue…

I am having the same problem. Starting today, every time I try to log in on my iPhone 8 it says ‘There is an issue with your connection to GAME CENTER. Please check if you have valid Credentials on your device and try to log in again. 10029. The requested operation could not be completed because local player has not been authenticated’. I’ve been playing this game for months and now this? Nothing has changed on my device. What gives? I’ve emailed support, but after reading everyone comments, it doesn’t give me much hope that they will be getting back to me.