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Error code:142

No matter how hard I try, I keep getting logged off from this stupid ‘Error code:142’ and now it’s physically impossible to play Dragons:Titan Uprising! Here’s how it happened, I made a new clan and suddenly I got disconnected for some reason and there that’s it. I just need some help, please someone tell me what I can do to solve this!

Hey TheStrangeDuck, if you haven’t already, could you reach out to our support team here at so they can take a closer look to see why that is happening? If you have your support key, please make sure to include it in the email as well.


Okay thank you, I will do so.

I just had the exact same problem. Made a new clan and then tried to run game and got the same error and game keeps getting stuck at error code. Was this problem solved?

Hey Slainagain, could I ask you to reach out to our support team, if you haven’t already? Our team would be happy to try and assist you with this once they receive your message.

Thank you!

This started happening to me yesterday and I have tried to stop it from happening but nothing will work it started just after I made a clan