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Error Code 2 on Game Login

Hello! Everything was fine in the game until recently when I always get this Error Code: 2 message whenever I try to open the game. It puts me to select my Google Play account and again the code error appears.

I tried to reinstall, disable Wifi, disable network, Airplane mode, phone restart/shutdown and nothing worked so far.

Does anyone know a fix for this issue? I saw some articles about this, but nobody mentioned any fix.



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Hey edsdanny, could you please reach out to our support team at if you haven’t already? It’d allow our team to better assist you with this issue.


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Thanks @Ned for the answer. Support told me that I got banned 24h for cheating or hacking.

Can someone inform me please what cheating/hacking means? I am not using any hacks or cheats, that was strange to hear that.

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I had this error today too.
Restarting my device was the solution v😬v

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