Error code 326

I encountered ‘Error code 326’ after an alpha battle. It appears that this error code has replaced the previous infinite loading screen. After pressing ‘ok’ to acknowledge the error code, my screen returned to the alpha battle screen with the attack counter on 0. The game did not progress to the battle complete screen.
Upon restarting the game, I found that I had lost my clan energy, did not receive alpha keys, and my game did not count towards damage dealt to the alpha. On top of that, my current duty from Snotlout is counting alpha keys!


Has anyone else encountered this error code?!


Hey Qcumber, I’m sorry that happened during your Alpha battle. Could you please reach out to our team here at with your support key and that screenshot so they can take a closer look, as well as try to make things right for you?



Will do! Thanks, Ned!

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