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Error Code -505


My problem is that when i wanted to install this Game there comes always an errorcode -505 and it will not be installed i hope you can help me.
I tried to reconnect my Google account and delete the cache data.


After some googling i found out about a possible fix;

Google Play - Error 505

Two or more apps with duplicate permissions

You need to find out what app has the same permissions as the one you’re trying to install and uninstall the problem app. To do this, find the APK file for the app you are trying to install and attempt to restore the app using a Lucky Patcher backup. The tool should present a window alerting you to which app is producing the conflict. This is the app you need to uninstall.

The lucky patcher can be found via google; i have no clue how it works and such but maybe this helps.


Thanks for your answer but with this app it seems a little bit too complicated to me i tried to contact the developers a week ago but till now i got no answer :frowning:


I had the same error, I started uninstalling other games and found when I removed Darkness Rising (3D action rpg style) the installer finally worked. Looks like conflict between games.