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Error Codes

Is there a list of error codes so that we can know what they mean?

For example, after update I cannot log in and I am getting the Error code 10044.

I am not using wifi and am only on mobile data.

i have uninstalled and reinstalled. I have restarted my phone. Nothing is working

I got this and various other errors today, turned out that if I switched to data connection (not wifi), kill the app completely then tried again it let me open the game up. May be worth a shot?

Thanks pugdaft, i had same error, even afer several game-restarts.
switched to airplane-mode for a few seconds and then back (to WLAN) and i can Log-In again.

I’m getting this error code, and it wont go away, and I’m using my mobile data not wifi , I even tried to switch to wifi ,still not working

This is the error code I’m getting too

I just hope it’s another update, to fix the new bugs in the system…

I’m having the same problem tried everything I can think of

I’m getting the same error code, and I’m now upset. I was really looking forward to my T-Rex DNA tonight. Funny thing is, my gf is sitting right next to me and she can get on just fine. We have the exact same phone, so that’s not the case.

i had the 10 error and my hubby was fine…now we both have the 57 under maintenance error.

Yeah my says under maintenance too, I just hope they fix this and all the annoying bugs too

Now I have 57 error

Let’s just hope they give us all the 1000+ t-rex dna were missing out on lol. My gf is sitting right next to me catching them as I drive lol

Hey Cory_Tyler, could you try the troubleshooting steps from our FAQ here and see if it helps:

Ugh again with the 57 error, it was working this morning… Lol