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Error Connecting account to Facebook

I gave my son a new tablet, because he loves this game and his tablet is just too old to run the game efficiently, and I can’t purchase VIP for him with it. I attempted to transfer his account…which I didn’t realize you can only do with facebook to a new device. So I created a facebook for him and linked it. For whatever reason the facebook account brought him down to a level 1 from a level 40. They’re linked, but not transferring the same game…has anyone experienced this?

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You still have access to the old account, correct?

Try going through the tutorial on the new account. Once done, log out. Then login with Facebook

Finally got it. Seems like you can’t connect through the link in settings…only through another link at the menu where it advertises the award for 50 dinobucks to connect to Facebook…but the VIP didn’t go through instantaneously like it did mine. Oh well, guess it will eventually. What a hassle.