Error in Arena Battle


I am sorry if this is a repost as I saw this happen yesterday. I could not find the original post. When in the arena I had a glitch where I could not see or use my actions but I could swap. It happened twice with the same dinosaur, Edmontosaurus. The first time I swapped and it was fine, my actions appeared for my new dinosaur. However, after using edomontosaurus again the same glitch occurred. I ended up losing but I am more worried about using this dino in future battles.


This very same thing keeps happening to me and it’s very annoying. I have lost countless battles because I could not make the move I wanted to. It really puts me off playing in the arena, but that is literally the only way to get decent DNA samples because of where I live. Another glitch that seems to accompany this one is the “jumping” dinos one where the animations lag and jump. This makes catching DNA samples close to impossible because the dinosaur and the drone jump. Again, this ruin the game and puts me off playing.


Hey moonsona, I’m sorry to hear about what happened in the Arena, it sounded like a frustrating situation. If this happens again, could you please try tapping the swap button and then canceling the swap? Your dino’s abilities should reappear after doing that.

Our team would also like to investigate this further, so if you could provide them with as much information as you can regarding this issue, it’ll be very helpful.

Please email our support team here at with your Support Key included in the email.