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Error in battle_26.10.2020


Can’t pick the dinosaur ability. Selects the first one in the list. Also can’t change the dinosaur.

In the video attachment.

Thanks for the help!
Screenshot_2020-10-26-20-08-17-377_com.miui.videoplayer Screenshot_2020-10-26-20-08-00-319_com.miui.videoplayer Screenshot_2020-10-26-20-07-53-520_com.miui.videoplayer Screenshot_2020-10-26-20-07-43-272_com.miui.videoplayer Respectfully, Oleg.

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Hey there, Lubomirchik, the issue is likely caused by connection troubles during your battle. If this happens again, please try quickly force closing and relaunching your game.