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Error in tournament

Anyone has the same error. I am fighting and increase my rank but in the board appers with cero Screenshot_20200124-123647_JW Alive
Ludia. Are you fixing this issue?

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I’m sorry that your Tournament ranking is not updating, EnriqueK22. Our team is aware of this issue, and they’re working on a fix for it. :sweat:

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Make sure to screenshot your progression in case you’ll get wrongly rewarded :wink:

Pft, they won’t get anything but the admission fee back in compensation.

I had a similar issue last week, should of been in top 500 with my score, ye I was placed at the bottom 22,000 something.

They know of the issue but won’t do anything about it to those effected.

I have this happening also. Not looking forward to dealing with support to get my correct reward :triumph:

Still it’s always better to have something than nothing to prove your point :wink: