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Error match

Opened up the game to collect gems and it forced matched me with Kim, when I was definitely waiting on Caroline. I haven’t said anything to her, but she’s said stuff to me. That means I’m stuck with her right?

Really need a way to switch people. The story’s the same, so it should be allowed. I really don’t want to restart everything again :confused:

Yes unfortunately you are. That happened to me on an old phone. I got stuck with Dahlia when I was waiting for Rose. Then when I got my new phone and had to start over, I got stuck with Samantha when I was waiting for Aesha. I agree, we should be able to switch to the counterpart even if it’s for a significant Gem cost

Hey @KitKatWitch, if you haven’t replied to Kim yet then you should be able to unmatch with her and match with Caroline!

I just passed Clemetine on my stack, swiped right but it didn’t work :frowning: I guess because I clicked into Kim, she said something to me so the conversation technically started. Sad.