Error on battle arena


When i did a battle i get his error!
The screen frezzing in unlimited time.
While enemy no respon at all


I must waiting how long?

Trophy losses

Hey Pokebreads, try force closing and relaunching the game to see if that helps. If you’re having freezing issues, closing any background apps you’re not using while playing the game could help free up some memory on your device and allow the game to run smoother. Clearing the cache might also work but make sure that your game is backed up onto a Facebook, Google Play store, or Game Center account before clearing your cache.

If the issue persists, contact our support team here at with your support key.


When I battle it freezes won’t let me pic I moves or swap dinosaur. I’m winning then because of that it pops up your opponent won. Iv lost about 100 trophies since yesterday and been put back down to arena 2. I’m not happy at all