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Error on dino Attempt Counted at green poles

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Bug Description:Error on dino attempt counted

Area is was found in:attempt count when you dart dinos at green poles

How do you reproduce the bug:
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How often does it happen: since yesterday

What type of device are you using:ios

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This week common event, we’ll 27 chances for darting dino at greed poles, right?
I think yesterday i was darting 2-3 crocs at the green poles
but today in the morning, when i open the game and darting dino at the green poles again it shown only 1 attempt.
around 11 am, after darting some dinos at the green polels, it shown 5 attempts
but around 1 pm, it showns 4 attempts
so i think the counting mechanic may have some error

There are two counters for some reason; its not creature specific, its drop specific - some drops are using one counter, others are using another.

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Seeing this also

Hey everyone, the common event overlaps with the rare event that started today.

Nice try Ned but this was obviously posted before the rare event started not even 2 hours ago.

But yea there seems to be 2 counters for the commons. There are 2 common events near me atm. One says i’ve used 7 attempts and 1 says i’ve used 9 attempts.

:thinking: Strange, @Grimparadox. Could you post a screenshot so I could send it over to our team? Thanks!

Is it wrong for me to want them to focus on other bugs that adversely affect the player base and not this harmless one that only benefits the players?

Given the mechanism has worked for over a year I’m guessing the code is sound and there was an issue with the data, e.g. they used two different IDs to link the towers together rather than a single ID and therefore it was a one off incident - we will see though!

Two different drops taken at the same time

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Thanks, PQC!

Why couldn’t it have been a week with useful commons like Tarbo, Deino, Velo …