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Error on opening the game after update .12

Hello everyone.

Today I have been waiting for the latest update as it seems very interesting and with many new features, but I have some issues trying to open the game.

After it loads on screen and reaches 8% it stops loading and then it shows a message of “lost connection, try to relaunch or stablish a good connection” or something like that, I press OK and then it re starts loading and the same thing happens until it crashes.

I have the Android system and have read several messages on which many other people with android devices has the same issue.

Anyone knows what to do?
I have already installed the game 3 times and erased all cache but still…

If anybody had a successful way of starting the game after this, can you help?

Thank you and wish you a lot of epic DNA for you!

Did you try restarting your phone? Or switch either on WiFi or to cellular data whichever one you weren’t using?