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Error orders on a mission

Hello, I realize that the order of one of the missions in chapter 11 was not exactly accurate. When I looked in fandom it wasn’t like that. That’s why I couldn’t finish it

<<this is from the game
<<from the fandom

Where’s the roller coaster?? :joy:

The Missions are constantly being refined. That’s why we ask newer players to post updated screenshots


Surely the worst missions are the ones where you have to do at 40 of the dinosaurs!

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Yeah look at my mission in Mary Jo’s dino data spreadsheet thread

I still can’t finish the mission, what should I do? :sob:

Excuse me, I didn’t understand, tell me what you have to do? :thinking:

I mean, i don’t understand about the mission. Does that mean I have to collect coins from the building?

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Decorations give bonuses, which can get dinosaurs and buildings to give more coins, 5% more coins etc.
The more decorations around a building or dino, the more coins it gives you.
So, what it is saying is that you have to collect some coins from an extinction roller coaster with a bonus of 5% or more.
I will take screenshots.

It means you have to collect coins from the building but it has to be boosted with decorations for at least 5 percent.

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Like this??

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Yes but it has to be the roller coaster that’s boosted.

You have to collect coins from an extinction roller coaster that has a bonus of 5% or over now

Ohh i don’t know what extinction roller coaster mean, is that a building?? But i don’t have it. Where i can get it??

Stupid me :tired_face:

It’s this building:


Ohh thankyou master :sob::tired_face:
Sorry for taking your time


No problem :hugs:


If you have problems in other missions, feel free to write here, we will be happy to help you!

I did all of this and it still didn’t work.