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Error paea cargar el juego


Me parece genial el juego pero llevo un dia sin pider entrar porque no me carga el juego me sale error 10044. Lo he probado con datos y con wifi tanto de mi casa como el wifi de otras casas y no me carga por favor soluciones ese error.


It is required that you translate to English.
Es necesario que usted traduce a Inglés.


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I think the game is great but I have not been able to enter a day because I do not load the game I get error 10044. I have tried it with data and with wifi both from my house and the wifi of other houses and it does not load me please solutions that error


Hey Jaime_A, thanks for translating your previous message for us and I’m sorry that you’re getting this error from the game. Depending on your location, could you try changing the time zone setting on your device to either New York or Toronto and then relaunch the game and see if that helps? If you’re still getting this error after changing your time zone, reach out to our support team here at with your support key so they can take a look.