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Error randomly?


So I was getting the event dinosaurs with a buddy and all of a sudden my game kicked me off. Error 10444 and 21444. It took me about a half hour to get it to work again and then when I come back this is what happens. I’m on iOS and my internet is working fine it’s only this game that’s messed up. Anyone else?


Hey Yunalesca87, this can happen if you are in an area where the signal is getting obstructed. Try force closing and relaunching the game or rebooting your device and see if that helps. If you’re still having this issue, turn the GPS setting on your device off and back on again. Our support team might also be able to provide further troubleshooting if you contacted them here at with your support key.


It wasn’t that. I got more errors. 60444 41144. I factory reset my phone. I erased all my network settings. I restarted my phone 20+ times I lost count after it. We moved places to try to get it to work so the signal was obstructed. I deleted the app and reinstalled it. Nothing worked and it’s still acting up. Now bits of the map just go missing at time. Dinosaurs that are on the map for my friend never show up on the map for me (not spawn dinosaurs although those never show up even if I sit still for 20 mins)