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Error with the ranking system?

Every time i Win a battle the games shows that i Am in the top 500 !! Super Nice butt its not correct. I have about 5000 points and the games shows that i have 250 trophys more! Sometimes the game corrects its self. Butt now i Am ranked again lol :joy:. More people with This issue?image

pics or didnt happen.

Added 2 pics, first one you See my trophy ammount is 5050. Second pic you See i Am 240 trophys higher and ranked somewhere in the 400. Or Am i misstaken ?

I solved it for myself eventually. But it did not work 1st time. 2nd try solved it:
Clear cache
Erase all Data

No problems since then.

And I’m getting better matchups now and more evened out trophies awarded (not only -50 & +10 anymore)

So iam not crazy :joy::joy:

If you still play JWA after 1.7 you most definately are.

I still play… :wink:

Whaha lol, i supose a few srews lose i guess :rofl: