Error with tomas

Hi, I got an error message when I try to go in date with Tomas.

I know you are trying to fix some error actually, just want to make sure you know about that one.

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Thanks, Amira! I had sent you a private message here on the forums. Please let me know if you had received it.

I get the same error with Ryan and cant chat with him anymore. I have unmatched several times and it hasnt helped. Can I do something else?

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Same for me as well with Ryan. It’s been a month and the issue hasn’t been resolved. I even thought I was being clever and unmatched him hoping it would somehow reset him but it didn’t work. Then it just gets weird after I unmatched him. Can you please help? I think I was almost done with his story.

This is what it looks like after I unmatched him but he hasn’t cleared my chat list. After I close and reopen the app it disappears but thought I’d mention it.

Could you help us too?

Hey everyone, our team is aware of the issue that is being caused by the L1-5 “network error”. We’re hoping that the issue will be resolved in the upcoming update.

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