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Error won’t let me play


I can’t play the game, I keep getting this error. I’ve tried restarting my phone, but didn’t help. Anyone else?
It’s an iphone


There is an update. Go to the app store.


That didn’t help I continue to get error 143 :confused:


@Appletail did the app store say there was an update?
If it did update, sometimes you may have to close the app then reopen it.


same issue. been a week already. nothing can do anymore.


I’m sorry that you are getting this error, @Appletail. Our team is currently investigating this error code. However, we have some troubleshooting steps on our FAQ here that could help:
Let me know if it works.


I’ve done all the FAQ suggestions and then some. This is honestly some piss poor developing AND communication. It’s been over a week since I am unable to log in and play without a WORD from the developer. At this point I would say bomb their reviews with 1 stars until they fix it.