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Errors from new release (Feb 2019)


Just a few things I have found when playing since the new update 2 days ago.

  • Halbanet’s Regeneration move is not working
    (I see this is already posted in another thread)

  • The quests are not working
    I have an “Open 9 chests” - the 1st 3 worked and it then stopped counting them and I am stuck on 3…
    “Perform 550 ranged attacks” also not registering attacks. I do a full 15 room challenge and it gives me 3 or 4 attacks… at this rate it’ll take me weeks to complete
    I assume other quests are likely experiencing the same problem of not giving credit … (but since I can’t clear any of my 3 quests I can’t say for sure on anything else) ?

And the major issue I have come across.

  • Hidden Forge challenge mode is broken. Upon reaching the boss fight the 2nd time (Room 10) the game freezes without fail and you must quit and lose your 150 gold spent to play :frowning:


A bit of an update

Appears the “Open chests” quest registers if I get one in a secret room, just not the Durnam free ones …

“Defeat Rust Monsters” is counting properly (However it is of course only in the Hidden Forge challenge to find them and that’s the broken challenge)

Ranged attacks still are only registering a couple each time (I mean in a full 15 room challenge using the ranger and both magic users and it’s still only giving me 5-10 I must be shooting off 70-80 per challenge?)


Thanks for letting us know @Chris_Hook. Our team is aware of some of these issues, and they’re looking into it. However, if you come across any other issues like these in the game, please feel free to contact our support team here at so our team can investigate. Thanks!


Same regen errors with cleric.
Also, free chest doesn’t count, but secret room chest does.
The game stall several time during boss fights (mine and forge), always when I had only 1 heros left and it was is turn to strike.
I don’t know if it’s normal, before, the Anvil doesn’t use is “sword attack” to enflame a whole line more than 2-3 time, then he had to do something else for a while. Now he do it very very often, so I don’t have any safe place on the board.


Another weird bug occured since the patch.

I’ve got no quests to do yet i’ve got a counter ticking “stuff” and i keep getting the “completed” green dialogue box over the quest icon.


Got the same issue now. Seemed to happen when I got down to one quest.