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Errors in Alliance Chat


I keep getting red boxes around my messages, I set up an Alliance page so our memebers in our alliance could go and post stuff and chat, cuz half the time the chat in the game doesnt print out when u hit send, u have to reboot the darn game… So I figured I would set up a group page for us to chat in and it wont let me send the link or even send something saying to search for the name of our Alliance…


Hey there, @Stormi_Wolffe, I know how frustrating it can be to write a message that you know is innocuous, only to have the message be rejected for some reason. As a precaution, our filter catches both website links as well as the names of some websites (e.g. Facebook).

I’m sorry if this has caused you frustration, but I hope this has shed some light on the issue!


Dang, just trying to set up a real time chat for our Alliance so we can all chat…the chat in the game, sometimes takes 4x to print one sentence so noone chats at all


@Stormi_Wolffe, it has just become something to get used to. The Alliance I am in, each member is constantly restarting the JWA app. We have found it to be worth the frustration to chat. Being that we suggest each member to chat if they donate DNA to keep track of active members. It is also a great way to find someone to challenge, via in the chat.
I hope it gets “fixed” soon, until then, I hope you are reassured that you are not alone. :blush:

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Yep yep, thanks LadyHadden… :slight_smile: