Errr - daily coin limit


I had hit the limit before the update but now I’m getting coins again - a change or a bug that has reset the daily limit? Not quite sure what is going on - the new info is showing a limit of 520/6200; I’m level 16 - I’ve collected the 520 …


It looks like the special event ones have their own limit in coins, bucks, and capsule. Don’t know if the different events are separate or linked though. Anyone know if it was like this before or if they were all connected?


You’re right - just looked at a standard orange one and the limit is 0/12400 - which a. suggests the events now have their own coin limit (yayy!!) and b. that today’s total has been reset (yayy!!) but you only get orange ones on strike events at the moment … going to be out a hunting/grinding tonight.


The regular drop boxes and special green maxed out for me at the same time before the update. I could still get the coins from the chest sometimes but max was max with the boxes as one. At least that was my experience with it.


Yep - looks like you get an extra 50% from event drops - nice :slight_smile: