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Eryops Bracketed Tournament - 5/7/2021 - 5/10/2021




Better hope I get it in the prize wheel

But I would like to get the two epics, give a lot of loyalty points.
And the two epics pack improve my line up

So for me this is just improving my line up more than unlocking the amphibian

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I assumed it was acanthostega when I saw the image of the next tournament in the weekly schedules.

Wait can we unlock other dinos in this or just the amphibian

Or am I getting my tournaments wrong

heuuu … I think the only tournament of the week is going to be acanthostega and not two dinosaurs like dilo and titano

Still, I’m doing it for improvements and loyalty points

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Where did you get the info that it’s acanthostega?

this is how I knew.

Acanthostega is a battle stage unlock so doubt it’s that.

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I will correct if this is wrong.

That’s not a good reason the picture is just an amphibian paddock you can’t know for sure.

I’m like 99% sure it’s wrong.

what are you thinking about ? preteogeynus and gryposuchus we had a fairly recent fight so it’s either eryops or acanthostega

Acanthostega is a battle stage unlock so probably eryops because it had a bracketed tournament before.

good so I correct or not, because the background of eryops is quite different …

and zalmoxes have already had tournaments while it is unlockable at level 80?

personally I prefer to wait until May 6th.

Then why did you create this thread…


because it is the first time that I do a thread on a tournament.


It is confirmed to be Acanthostega